FES Latin America

FES Latin America

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation supports socio-political projects in 21 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The aim of their work is to contribute to strengthening democratic structures through wider participation of different social groups and support the implementation of policies that promote social justice and contribute to the construction of proposals for socio-political development. It performs multiple cooperative efforts with parties, unions, state and governmental institutions, parliaments as well as women’s organizations, human rights, environmental and independent media.

The FES has 18 offices in Latin America and organizes activities in Cuba, Haiti and Paraguay with the support of the representations in neighboring countries. Offices in more than 100 people between German representatives and local specialists work. Since the Department for Latin America and the Caribbean in Berlin this work is accompanied also by structuring the dialogue with counterparts in Germany. For his work in the Latin America and the Caribbean, the FES has an annual budget of approximately 9 million euros, financed by the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of the RFA.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Develops Cooperation Projects in 21 Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.